Saturday, February 25, 2006,7:13 PM

If ever there's a beauty pageant for all species, humans don't really stand a chance (with all the make up)
What makes humans beautiful is the warmth they generate, not the intelligence.

Daylight Again
posted by rauf
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  • 9:05 PM, Blogger Sangita

    How did u manage to get those pics..I mean these guys run away at the first hint of any footstep..Share some of the tips..Cool..

  • 9:33 PM, Blogger Rauf

    I sit in one place and wait Sangita, I was sitting under a tree, They run only if you make a sudden move, but I have seen them walking freely in the local IIT campus. This picture was taken in Nagarhole' forest Coorg. Karnataka last week. I was in a bad mood, the place where I had stayed for 25 rupees a day is now 750, I said I'll take the dormitory, 600 rupees, why 600 ? I need only one bed, I was told that I have to take all the 12 beds, i said I know how to sleep in one bed, I don't know how to sleep on 12 beds.

    I stayed ten kilometers away in a sweet little place called kutta on kerala border, 125 rupees a day.

  • 12:07 AM, Blogger Imemine

    Everywhere is the same thing. Everytime they ask more for the same thing. Anyway, I'm happy to
    see still so much nature down there.

  • 6:01 AM, Blogger Patty

    Blue! I love blue. I love the blue bird. All 3 are beautiful shots.

  • 6:07 AM, Blogger Rauf

    The hike was all of a sudden Imemine, First time I paid very little, next time the forest range officer was so generous seeing my interest he allowed me to stay for free, I just had to pay for food.

  • 6:09 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Please click for bigger image Patty, there are different shades of blue there. Its a night heron, I'll have a seperate blog for it soon.

  • 8:47 AM, Blogger wildpic

    you are right rauf, humans are pathetic designs of beauty, thats why we need to 'body-build'? and invent 'make-up'(for the loss ?) ...

  • 2:02 PM, Blogger e2d

    so why did it make sense to u "today"..Feeling ripped?distressed? torn?
    Whatever it is...doesnt seem like a happy state of mind..if thats what u were hinting.
    I could sing a happy song or something ..but I have a lousy voice...or maybe I should just shut up ,quit assuming and allow u to tell us what the pic is about.
    Take care and cheers!

  • 2:09 PM, Blogger e2d

    oops!!Rauf that comment was meant for suresh.I have no idea how this mess up happened.Talk about being totally stupid and disconnected.
    Anyway u r so right about what really makes a good human being.

  • 12:16 AM, Blogger Rauf

    e2dees, you can rectify yourself by commenting about my post in Suresh'e blog.

  • 11:57 AM, Anonymous e2d

    maybe next time

  • 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

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