Friday, January 27, 2006,2:11 AM
Thursday, January 26, 2006,11:15 PM

This is a temple in the Himalayas, Place is called Grahan, used to be a 4 day trek in the late seventies early eighties. Very old slide which I copied with a digital macro. This place keeps appearing in my dreams even now.
Daylight Again
,5:58 AM

This is Thattekkad, Kerala. Alwaye-Perumbavoor-Kothamangalam. The road takes you to Munnar, but you take left from Kothamangalam, 12 kilometers you reach Thattekkad bird sanctuary and reserve forest. Lots and lots of birds. You don't need any music.

This was an accidental discovery, I did not plan it. Kicked myself for having a return ticket by the night train. Taking pictures was the last thing on my mind, just being there and trekking through the forest was a great feeling. Trekking without a forest guide would be a very stupid idea, Over confidence can kill you, I almost lost my life in the himalayas once. Here my guide was Ipe, strange name, not hype, terrific knowledge, I became his fan, he is my friend now.

Kerala this time was very hot for January, very unusual, I was completely drenched in sweat but did not feel tired, but worried that I may miss my train, had to go about 80 kilometers and this was a very remote place, though my friend Ipe kept assuring me that I will get a bus back to Kothamangalam. Spending just one day is a tragedy. You can spend half your life looking at the trees and birds. Any way got the bus, reached Alwaye in time to catch the train. Now I feel very tired.

View from the tree house
Daylight Again
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This is 300 rupees a day fun to stay, you have to be happy with the food cooked by the forest guards, great view, stayed there for some time, Pretty good during the rains I was told
This is something I can afford. going there again.

600 rupees a day, watch tower, neat place but takes away the forest feel, safe and comfortable
But I don't go looking for comfort, and I cannot afford this
,5:26 AM
THATTEKKAD pictures1
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006,1:47 AM

Strictly speaking a picture is 2 dimensional. You can make it LOOK 3 dimensional if you allow shadows in the picture using a single source of light. Angular light like 9 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon brings out good depth in the picture. Avoid top light (around 12 noon) specially for portraits, it looks ghastly. I'll deal with portraits later. Strong direct sunlight gives harsh shadows which often are not very pleasing. You get pleasing soft shadows in a shade bright enough for a picture, under a tree or on a cloudy day. Please make sure that the back ground is not brighter than the light falling on the picture area. Please try shifting your position. Most digital cameras have built in flash which pops up automatically under low light condition. Flash kills the shadows and the depth. Under low light condition please disable the flash and hold the camers very still and shoot. You have to hold it very still because it goes at a very slow speed and you will end up getting fuzzy pictures. Please allow the camera to focus for a couple of seconds before clicking by gently depressing the click button half way through and hold it still a second longer after you click, usually there is a lag in digital cameras. I am not scaring you away from the built-in flash. It has its uses indoors or in the nights, like family pictures or birthday parties where good natural light is not available. When ever natural light is available please disable the built-in flash. you get good natural and 3 dimensional pleasing pictures. Please experiment with and without built-in flash and see the difference. Please remember shadows are as important as the light. Shadows bring depth in the picture. Believe me, the buit-in flash sometimes proves to be a monster.

Daylight again