Friday, April 28, 2006,10:04 PM

Well ! my tickets are booked, Going kerala again by the end of May, booked a bit early because of the summer rush, Hoping to drench myself with the first drops of rain. Going to attend a wedding, two of my very dear friends are getting married in Gurvayoor. Nirmal and Sindu. If I tell them that I am hoping for rain they'll kill me. OK no rain on the wedding day Voggay ?? HAPPY ??
Actually my tickets are booked by the happy couple. EEEEEEEEEEE !!! I'll post the wedding pictures for you.

These pictures were taken last year. I was in Wynad when I closed my eyes, my face to the sky and had the pleasure of first drops of rain falling on me. I loved it. I have already posted Senkottai-Punalur pictures earlier. December I think. a breath taking journey.

I wanted to post these pictures immediately after that but forgot. This comes after punalur. This is Punalur-Quilon section. It was pouring in buckets that day.

I have done another post on Thenmala Railway Station, when was that ? lemme check, November it was. There's a story going along with it.. I forgot to post all the rain pictures of kerala but posted the rain pictures of Madras instead. I can tell you we Madrasis are the most environmentally conscious people in the world. We make roads that dissolve in water. Can you beat that ? A whole stretch of 2 KM road just got dissolved and disappeared somewhere in Tamil Nadu. And this happened in other parts as well. Until last month most of the roads in Kerala were in good condition. Tanil Nadu and Karnataka pretty bad.

Daylight Again
Wednesday, April 19, 2006,5:01 AM

Sheer elegance !
Please click on the picture for full screen view.

The first thing you would like to add to your body are wings. This is every one's fascination. Mine too, I always dream of flying, my reasons are different, I don't have a passport.
Leonardo daVinci tried but broke his wooden wings and himself in the process, Perhaps he didn't have a passport too. But where do we go for such streamlined aerodynamics and hollow bone structure ?
just flap your wings and off you go ZZZZOONK ! gone.

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Daylight Again
Friday, April 07, 2006,8:53 PM