Saturday, December 29, 2007,2:00 AM

Worried look on his face
No this is not Rajasthan, this is Kerala
The man wearing a turban is a Rajasthani, a migrant worker, traveling hundreds of miles looking for work. They are born artists, stone cutters, sculptors. Rajasthanis are the only people who can work on marble.
Utter poverty dirves them out of Rajasthan, they are willing to work for 10 rupees a day (25 cents) You should see their magical hands moving on marble. They are experts in their field. Marble is their life.
They have to fight the local lazy workers and labour unions.

The worst, the laziest labour force you will find anywhere in the world. They want to be paid for not working.

The man sitting behind him looks like a Bihari, another poverty stricken state. They are very good in construction work. If you want to build a house in Kerala, which i would not advise, you have to employ Rajasthani and Bihari labour. If you give the job to the local lazy workers you will never see your house completed., budget would shoot and it will take twice the time.

I don't know what the fish is doing there.
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