Monday, December 26, 2005,7:08 PM
A journey in to yourself

Left Trivandrum with an idea of going to Kanyakumari, At Nagercoil without thinking I hopped into a bus going to Tirunelveli, It was like my mind and limbs had lost connection. A bus to Sencottai was inviting me, got in to the moving bus, landed Sencottai little after midnight, cold and hungry, nothing to eat. Went straight to the Railway station. Only hope of getting something to eat was next day afternoon at Punalur, as the Sencottai Railway station was completely deserted. Feeling tired after a long and rattling bus journey, sleepy, met the station master, I said I want to take the early morning train to Punalur. He gave me a cup of tea which he made
himself as he was alone. The most precious cup of tea of my life, judging by me haggered look he asked me if I had eaten anything, I lied, I said I ate. I did not want to give him any more trouble. I just needed a place to sleep. He gave me the key to the waiting room and told me to sleep there. Old British type of waiting room, high ceiling. Over whelmed with the station master's kindness, went to sleep, Deafening thunder and lightning did not disturb me, I slept like a log, there was no one to steal my things,

and I did not care... like always.
It was raining.

The station master woke me up at 5 with another cup of tea, by now there was some activity in the station. It was still dark and raining harder. I saw the train, bought the ticket, 19 rupees for pleasure so priceless. Got in to the train, put my things, I went back to the station master to thank him. I am a 58 year old child, I want a window seat always, no other passengers, I had the entire coach to myself, all the window seats were mine. I spread my legs, I was shivering, pretty cold it was. I knew what's ahead, it was not the first time. I was all prepared.

The train left on time. No goodbyes, This journey suddenly hit me, it wasn't planned. My last meal was previous day afternoon. I was not hungry, I had a different hunger. I am old and I cannot afford to take chances, It was cold, no warm clothes, I was shivering and it was raining and half my body was hanging outside the train, I was completely wet. I did not want to miss a
thing, still too dark to take pictures but the camera was in my hand. Its ok if it gats damaged. It started getting brighter and I started clicking.

the pictures are not very clear as I took them from a moving train and it was raining, the raindrops were on the lens and i was too busy to wipe them off and and one hand was engaged in holding the door. I made the pictures bright as they were very dark.
Wish I could post all the pictures but most of the
pictures are in my album senkottai-punalur

Daylight Again
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  • 11:40 PM, Blogger David

    I wished I could be on that train with you - but we each must take the path that God has given us. I will wake in the morning to see what he has laid out for me. Peace to you, my brother

  • 12:24 AM, Blogger Rauf

    You have to make your own way in life David
    Most welcome to chaos
    Most welcome to India

  • 9:54 AM, Anonymous mala

    welcome back!

  • 7:43 PM, Blogger Rauf

    I'll try to be back more Mala, or I'll try to be more back.
    Too many things to write for a 58 year old, too many experiences, pleasant and rough, I'll try to recall them, just can't get this laziness off my mind.

  • 9:11 PM, Blogger Shamantra

    Your photos are breathtaking!
    I've just acquired a digital camera after many years without and your pics have certainly inspired me. I will be out in the rain and snow and sun looking for subjects from bug size to mountain size.

  • 9:28 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Thats wonderful Barbara,
    Please don't get too technical, just shoot what your heart tells you to. Raindrops getting in causes the camera to malfunction. I have given some tips in my earlier blog ' digital cameras' Please do send me the pictures, you are in a photographer's paradise. Even if you close your eyes and shoot, you'll come out with good pictures.
    Canada is blessed with such a lovely landscape. Happy holidays and happy shooting.

  • 2:43 AM, Blogger Caralyn

    such lovely and peaceful pictures. thought i would come and check out your blogs... think i may addy ya to my links ... do ya mind? if nothing else, it may bring ya more traffic (wink)
    caralyn...... fig fat meanie blog....

  • 2:55 AM, Blogger Caralyn

    hm, i got to thinking, you may never come back to my blog... i kinda ranted pretty bad... lol! BUT ... i did leave you a comment about your question.... soooo if you are truly interested in having that script for your template i will e mail it to you... let me know.. btw... you can change the words to whatever you want, in my links you will see one labeled hubbys blog, if you go there, he has the original script running on his, it really looks like snow falling... but i changed mine to have words... then it can say what i want it to ;) anyways... see ya around bloggyland... take 'er easy.........

  • 4:15 AM, Blogger Rauf

    YOU WHAT ??
    Caralyn, yours is one of the sweetest blogs I have seen. I am reading ever word of it. Its so genuine. i have seen so many fakes
    I am so really pissed with saints who want to vaccuum clean this world

    Sure go ahead ! I really don't know how to add your link to my page, though I would love to. But I am sending your link to all my friends
    I think our comments crossed some where over the Atlantic

  • 7:44 AM, Anonymous Sangita

    BreathTaking Pics. Can get out of my mind the one where you have train on the bridge, mountians the muddy river and road all in one. Keep up the work and give us blogs more often :-)

  • 9:12 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Sure Sangita I will
    there is lot to write and many pictures to go with them

    Still not able to post comment on your page. Now the pop up is blank. Fired a stinging complaint to sify guys. I saw your lovely paintings. Taking pictures with your 6600 in direct sun will give you the best result.
    this is what you have to do.
    Ideal time 9 to 10 Am and 4 to 5 pm

    Place the painting on the floor
    You are facing the sun. sun is coming from the opposite direction.
    so your shadow will not fall on the painting. Take the camera directly above the painting. Please check if the frame is straight and shoot. Datts all.
    Flash kills the texture. please switch it off if you have the option. You'll get rich colours and the shadows will give you the texture.
    Please put your work on your page they are lovely.

  • 4:39 PM, Blogger Mad Ethel

    This pictures look like they're straight out of an exotic romance novel. BEAUTIFUL.

  • 5:29 PM, Blogger Rauf

    This is my romance with nature

  • 9:38 PM, Blogger intelligentwins

    simply xhilarating pics.

  • 11:54 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Thank you intelligetwins (had to copy the spelling from you) I am a completely disorganised man. No plans, just hop from train to bus to a train. Don't like reaching a place.

  • 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

  • 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Where did you find it? Interesting read film editing classes


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