Thursday, December 01, 2005,5:21 AM
scary generosity

I was walking down Llyods road, saw a young fortune teller at a cart selling water melon pieces. He bargained and walked off, probably he couldn't afford it.
Got an idea, wanted to take his picture eating water melon. I visualised the colour, too colurful to resist. I called him, he was scared, I don't look like some one seeking to know his future.
It was 7 in the morning.

I bought him a piece, hesitant at first then surprised, couldn't believe his luck or getting suspicious of me, I look like a kidnapper. To put him at ease I told him that I want to take his picture. Now he was really getting suspecious perhaps wanted to run. The water melon seller encouraged him as he was getting business.

Before I could take the camera out and adjust the exposure the boy finished the piece. I bought him another one, this he accepted with glee. I told him to eat slowly. I was about to click, I found the roll was over, I rewound and loaded a fresh roll, he finished the second piece too. He started walking away, I called him, he started walking fast. The water melon seller ran and grabbed his arm and dragged him back to his cart, it was business for him. Gave him another piece, he refused, he pleaded and said his tummy is full.
I got angry.
Eat it I said.
Now he was visibly scared of me. I took a couple of pictures, but was not happy with his expression, and he was not happy with my forced generosity. He finished the third one too very fast this time. I told the seller to give him another one, the boy grabbed it and ran for his life.

This happened more than 20 years ago perhaps, I am not sure. He must be a big time fortune teller by now. No no I am wrong, they are street fortune tellers, they are always hand to mouth, poor guys, the real professional guys have airconditioned offices, you meet them only on appointment and believe me you have to wait.
Daylight Again
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