Thursday, December 01, 2005,4:33 AM
New arrivals

I don't like the black fellow, bad attitude, refusing to pose, he was getting angry, hardly a few of weeks old, Mother was not objecting. she is gorgeous. She is sweet. I'll post her picture tomorrow. She'll be annoyed with me if I post her latest picture. ' Oh I look so old and fat' She'll complain.
She'll be happy if i post an older picture. I have to locate it.
The suspected father's picture is posted in Daylight Again for a reason.
You'll find him below in Digital cameras a few posts below. A big thug, rowdy kameena loafer he is.

posted by rauf
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  • 12:17 PM, Blogger Stacey

    Oh goodness! These photos capture my heart! Those two little guys are sweet babies! You really take some great photos. You capture their essence very well.

  • 6:23 PM, Anonymous Chinna

    i guess getting angry is also a pose.
    he expression adds so much to the shot.

  • 3:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    oh... yeah... the blackie looks like a rogue... not surprising you hate him... but, know what... he looks cute in a way...

    Nirmal Ranganathan


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