Wednesday, February 08, 2006,4:07 AM
For e2d

I've been missing something, next time I'll take pictures of local food I eat. This is typical Kerala food, little elaborate here in the first picture, advised for health concious people. all koottoos 'more kolambu' jaggery payasam banana chips and other things.

This is normal food, served on banana leaves, sit on the floor and eat if you really want to enjoy the food. there is some charm in having hot rice served on banana leaves. the aroma itself serves as an apetiser. Here it is white rice, usually you find red boiled rice, thick grains. yumm yumms with sambar.
Thought about this after reading e2d's kickass sambar

This is an old temple (recently renovated) in Aranmula, Kerala

This is a typical Kerala traditional house. The old style is fast disappearing.
the roof tiles used here are hard to get, they are called Mangalore tiles, suit the local climate. Cool in Summer. Tiles manufacturers are disappearing
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  • 5:24 AM, Blogger Cari

    There is nothing like food from back home! I will go out of my way to by Saltenas, OMG!!! They are too delicious! And my dad's cooking!!! FORGET ABOUT IT. I could travel miles for it. I get so tired of the fast food crap around here, I swear! I love trying food from other countries, so far I have tried some food from India, and Tailand but that's about it.

  • 6:55 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Anything to do with Bolivia Caroline ? Do you speak spanish ?

    Here food and language culture change every hundred miles. You'll have an ocean of varieties here, Food in Kerala is extremely tasty with lot of coconut added, cooked mostly in coconut oil, not as spicy as Andhra, where the very look of the dish will burn your tongue. But everywhere there is generous use of oil which you have to avoid, perhaps same as spanish dishes? I Watched Penelope' Cruz film of cooking ? where she becomes a popular TV star ?? forgot the title, lovely it was.

  • 2:45 PM, Anonymous Pinoy

    This is really something for me.
    Being a Filipino, I couldn't resist this. Eating white rice on banana leaves and plenty of curry too(never mind). I remember meeting people from Kerala in Saudi Arabia, when Iwas there for a year. Theses guys were very friendly people, almost as friendly as the Filipinos, and they were smiling all the time, shaking their heads, which I believe means they were agreeing. Yes, they spoke Malayalam too, if I remember right; it was spoken very fast, twice as fast as Spanish, if I am not mistaken.
    Nice people, the Keralans. I wonder if they ate with us.
    This makes me hungry!

  • 2:56 PM, Anonymous Pinoy

    There is some on the first picture, the red stuff that looks like salted shrimp fry or fries. I can get it too here in Delfzijl, the Netherlands among other things from the Philippines,
    like coconut delicacies. There is this Dutch guy who makes "sambal"
    (chili hot peppers), gave me a bottle to try so I gave him this
    "bagoong alamang", the salted shrimps fries. I told him not to use too much of it at any time.
    It's too salty. I wonder if he heeded my advice. You can live on a bottle of this and some rice for a year.

  • 7:20 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Pinoy, thanks for the visit and the comments.

    Yes indeed very sweet and friendly people in Kerala, Peopel jump in to help you, Every trip to Kerala has pleasant memories, I live in Chennai.

    Smiling always is not very diplomatic Pinoy, there are times when you are not suppose to smile.
    Hope you have watched some south Indian films where there's a lot of shaking going around. Kerala is a very narrow stretch on the western coast of India. The language style is different in each district. The accent is different every 50 miles. But they can recognise if you are from Malabar or Kottayam.

    The food in the picture is purely vegetarian, no shrimps there, There is a Gujrati roti in the second pictures as we had a gujrati friend who brought gujrati food, which is another ocean of delicacies. Now people are getting conscious of spicy and oily food here in India. but occasionally we can't help throwing caution to the wind. Just to enjoy.

  • 1:50 AM, Blogger e2d

    Rauf!!this is a soooper treat alright..and I am flattered too.A post for me.wow!!.Thnx
    And now...I am thinking of suing you for mental trauma and emotional distress or is it the other way round?(Its the American thing to do I guess..where even an untied shoelace is a law-suit wating to happen..lol).
    Anyway just joking.I miss home now but cant afford the trip *sigh*

  • 2:00 AM, Blogger David Kleinert

    I looove traditional Indian food! Your fantastic images are making me hungry! cheers mate

  • 4:33 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Thank you David, welcome to India.

  • 5:53 AM, Blogger Rauf

    e2d Hi
    yupsee sue me,
    If i lose the case I'll take the punishment of eating wedding food in kerala, if I win the case you have to invite me for all the weddings in your family. I win both ways.
    One coming on 28th May in Guruvayoor, I am the cupid. So I'll get fed by both bride and the groom. Some times the cupid gets kicked too.

  • 8:09 PM, Anonymous e2d

    yea right...some punishement that will be!
    Wedding inGuruvayoor ...all the food!! all the payasam!!...hmmm..would u be intereted in swapping lives?

  • 8:15 PM, Blogger Rauf

    you are a student in the US, that means you have brains. If I write your tests and exams, there will be top level justice dept. enquiry on how this dumb guy was allowed to walk on american soil. the question is on calculus and he is writing about ants ? I'll ruin your life e2d.

  • 12:17 AM, Blogger Patty

    Wonderful photos, Rauf! The food looks very interesting.

  • 12:24 AM, Blogger Sangita

    WOW now that looks so delicious..The first pic amkes u feel hungry..But ther is more right I mean these are supporters..we do get rice/roti which is not shown there na??

    And htat traditional house is cool..Looks so elegant :-)

  • 8:03 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Its not very spicy like the rest of Indian food, in kerala they use more of coconut oil, for any visitor its very difficult, but after a week or so they get used to it. hoping you'd come one day Patty.

  • 8:07 AM, Blogger Rauf

    there is Rice in the first picture Sangita, mixed with beetroot curry I think. beetroot right word Sangita ?? that is actually ayurvedic food and they don't suggest much of rice.

    traditional houses have attic, i'll dig out some pictures, there is more of kerala to come.

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