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I don't practice what I preach. I always tell my friends to check their own backyards before going to the north pole to take pictures. I have been ignoring my own surroundings. Decided to go to Vedanthangal, Been there 25 years ago. Kicking myself for ignoring the place hardly 80 KM away all these years, There are pictures below in different posts and in Daylight Again as well

On my way back from Vedanthangal took a train from Chenglepet, slow train. The entire coach was empty, I was the lone occupant, I had all the window seats to myself, chose one, sat down feeling hungry and tired. After some time a vendor came selling sundaal(chana) bought a good quantity for just 2 rupees. Ate a few and then I started tossing chana in to my mouth. Too much masti. I was missing the target by miles. tossing one by one. they were going north south east and west but none going into my mouth, hitting my nose my beard and some went as far as my ears, both sides, and some hit my forehead, and some missed my face completely. I didn't care as none was watching my stupidity. I can't be that bad, and I was beginning to doubt Einstein. nothing to do with the theory actually as I was moving with the train as well. I was getting angry now. I was looking for the chana vendor to buy some more. It was getting more like gambling addiction. But I had quite a few left. The train stopped at a Katanglattur. One chap walked in to the coach. The entire coach was empty but still, this guy chose to occupy the seat right opposite mine. Is he blind ? I am not a gorgeous fashion model, I am the ugliest gorilla on the planet, infact gorillas are better looking. This guy was ruining the game I was playing. I suddenly realised that I am hungry and I am supposed to eat the chana I bought. I ate a few. Our friend took out his mobile from his pocket. He was punching numbers. Yea I know now, he is trying to impress me with his fancy mobile. I peeped, it was colourful looking good, He stared at me, I quickly turned my face to the window. He was trying to call some one I think. and none called him. He held his pone little away from his face 6 inches away from from my chest and was admiring what probably was his new baby. Some more people got in at Tambaram, a family, one stupid father was allowing his kids to stick their hands out of the window of the speeding train.

Our friend sitting cross legged kept his phone on his thigh, took out his handkerchief and rubbed it cleaned it, I was expecting a geenie to come out of it and say hello. He put it back on his thigh, probably wanted me to see it.
I saw it and pretended not to see it.
It had a colour picture on the screen. I kept eating the
chanas, one last chana left, a big one and heavier too, saved the best for last. I thought I should impress this guy with my skill. Tossed the last one into my mouth. OOOWAA ! BULL'S EYEEE ! It went straight into my mouth and hit my throat like a bullet as the train came to a grinding halt, no no, not my throat, it hit the ceiling of my mouth rebound and got stuck in my throat. Painful. This guy was staring at me, Wondering how a silly old bearded goat would do a stupid thing like that, the chana stuck in my throat was irritating me. He didn't seem impressed with my great performance, well I was not impressed with his mobile either, I have seen better ones mister. I didn't have a mobile to show him, can't afford one.
I got off at Mambalam and coughed the chana out of my throat which was stuck there for nearly 10 kilometers.

Bought 2 packets of Boli for my niece nephew and sis. Boli is kind of sweet roti. Roti is never mind its a sweet thing to eat.

Daylight Again
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  • 10:12 PM, Anonymous ezee123

    Nice set of pictures and a great commentary.
    Informative too.

    I got through to your web log via http://technorati.com while checking on tags for painted storks.

    I have on my blog a single shot of a painted stork in flight. Have a dekko and keep in touch.


  • 10:14 PM, Blogger Rauf

    ezee123, Hi
    I brought your comment to this current page.

    Thank you, Please feel free to use any of the pictures

  • 10:15 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Yes I will Keep in touch

  • 11:43 PM, Blogger Patty

    Beautiful photos. Funny story. Don't say such mean things about yourself.

  • 11:50 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Patty, what are you doing now ?please get some good sleep, Apart from your talent and imagination you have to protect your looks as well. minimum 8 hours of sleep is a must.

  • 4:05 AM, Blogger wildpic

    what a great write up rauf, great fun readin, i can imagine the whole act ... he he he ... the channa toss is so cool !

  • 4:17 AM, Blogger Rauf

    I was wondering why I dragged poor old Einstein holding him responsible for my stupidity and the hit in my throat.

    I'll be there in a week Suresh. Please write to me about the NEWS and what made the NEWS NEWS

  • 5:37 AM, Blogger Cari

    This one was funny. I enjoyed reading it..I love butterflies so enjoyed the pics as well. Believe me you are not missing out much, by not having a cell phone. It has made things more complicated NOT easier. It took me years to buy one and when I did I asked myself WHY am I paying 80 bucks a month for maybe 4 phone calls? WTH is wrong with me?

  • 5:58 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Thank you Cari, Yes a mobile is a necessary pain. Without it I am not even a human. But you have to move along with the time. I try to go in the opposite direction or stay where I am and get pushed. Some ring tones really scare the hell out of me. specially in theatres.

  • 6:02 PM, Blogger Patty

    You are right, Rauf, I don't have very good sleep habits.

    My mom & dad & most everyone I know have cell phones. They are a great way to keep in touch and have helped out in many situations. You shouldn't have a cell phone just to show off, though. One of my old history teachers said he didn't even have an answering machine, that if anyone wanted to get in touch with him, they would eventually. We all thought he was silly. It's true though, but an answering machine is a very good thing to have to leave messages of importance on, but I can see how his mind thought. He didn't like all this technology. He wanted to live a simple life and that's not a bad thing at all.

    My dad is an engineer and he is very smart. He works on computers at his job and in his spare time, fixes other peoples' computers/electronics just because he likes doing it. I have grown up around my dad and all this technology, with my dad having video cameras, filming our family vacations, trips, events, etc., playing computer games when I was little, always having a large tv in our living room, etc. So, I don't see technology as a bad thing, but people can use it badly. Technology is good, but can be bad as well. Just depends.

    My dad's ring tone for his cell phone is very annoying. I'm thinking, "How can he like that racket?" I think he must like it, because I know he doesn't do it to show off.

    I was at the mall last year shopping with my mom and we are sitting at a table eating. No one else is around us. I hear this phone go off and I ask my mom if that's her cell phone, but she says no. And I think it's so funny, because, we have become just like those people in the commercials where-1 cell phone rings and everyone looks down and reaches for their phones and everybody in turn says, "It's not mine." And then you see the 1 person whose cell phone actually rung and they start talking to whoever called them.

    I think it's great that you don't have a cell phone, Rauf. I don't have one and don't plan on it either, at least not for a long time.

  • 8:16 PM, Blogger e2d

    hey that was fun reading.Brought back some awesome memories.I positively miss train travel back home.There is nothing to beat the thrill of it...just sit back next to the window ,make sure the wind is on yr face and then day dream.Perfect! and then ofcourse the channa and the kaapi/chai ,the vadas and cutlets..and did u say boli *drool*..ok I cant handle this anymore.

  • 3:10 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Thats exactly what I do e2d, just day dreaming with my head on the window bars even in scorching heat.
    I love trains in India, I keep munching all the time without hawkers vendors the journey is lifeless, pantry cars are getting better and better. When you come next e2d, take the Trivandrum-jodhpur train, goes thru konkan. breath taking journey, have posted some pictures in some old blog.I don't like our train kaapi, its a rip off. and its pretty orfool.

  • 3:32 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Patty, Lucky girl you are, every guidance at home. Dad must be a great company. For some reason answering machines are not popular here, as some one or the other is always home to answer the calls. a couple of years ago suresh was here with me, he was carrying things back home, I went on a bike with a friend Nirmal. suresh went in another vehicle but we couldn't locate him at the station. Nirmal called him on the mobile and located him. I was amazed. yes they are very useful. In my house except me all have cell phones. some times all four would be talking at the same time, looks like a mad house. Suresh Nirmal and I went for a movie, on 2 bikes.
    I came back home with suresh, Nirmal was missing and i was very angry that he took us to a ghastly film. I was composing dialogue to yell at him, he came after half an hour with a long face, like coming from a funeral. He said he lost his cell phone in the theatre. I called his number some one answered and said he found a cell phone come and pick it up. We rushed to his office. at 11 in the night. He happened to be an American. thanked him and got the cell phone back. that was luck, normally once it is lost you never get it back. You have to move along with time Patty, otherwise like me you'd be left behind. I meet people who have never seen a train in their lives. and people who have never touched a phone. I am 58 and I have not touched a gun in my life. i have seen toy guns or guns in the movies.


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