Saturday, February 04, 2006,12:21 PM

Please don't think that every time I clicked I got a good picture. the success ratio was 2 to 8
I mean out of 10 clicks I got something in 2 and the 8 were junk. I brought lots of junk pictures home.

I don't practice what I preach. What you need here is patience which has never entered my door. Suresh has loads and loads of patience. Here I have selected the best of the junk. Just imagine how the rest would be.
In the first picture I got only the tip of the bird's feet. I was too late.

The digital camera lag was adding to my woes. Sometimes the camera clicked after the bird reached Siberia. Felt like drowning the camera in the lake.

Here I am too early.

This is completely out of focus. I am not giving excuses. No patience here.

Daylight Again
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