Saturday, February 04, 2006,5:38 PM

I saw these two affectionately crossing their beaks, like a sword fight, no ..no fight OK ? very gently touching the beaks cris cross. Is this what 'Pecking' is ? Male attracts the female. The usual story of making a fool of themselves like we do. They have some rituals, like Ballet ?
I have seen some low flying displays. They fly full speed at low level.

You what ?? you could have hit a tree you idiot. You could've broken your beak trying to impress me.
I did that because I love you dear'
The female says your performance is no good, stop making a fool of yourself, go learn some better tricks. See Daylight Again for more Ballet.

Pink Pink Pink Painted stork starts breeding after the monsoon.
Don't just sit there brooding wasting your time, go get some sticks, the female tells her mate.

Where are you going ?
Just like that, to meet some friends, flight testing may be.
Enough of your flight testing., go get me some twigs and sticks.
After some nagging from the female the male takes off. Its usually the male which gathers sticks and twigs, and the female builds the nest.
Surprise surprise, males too take turns incubating the eggs.
Here they are collecting sticks to build a nest.

Daylight Again

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