Saturday, February 04, 2006,12:52 PM
VEDANTHANGAL - The Sacntuary

Thousands of birds of different species come here during January and Feb each year. Please avoid week ends and holidays if you want to spend some peaceful time here. Usually the wardens leave you alone, and no one bothers you.

Good place to sit and read if you are tired of taking pictures.

10 rupees was the ticket, and 25 for the camera, 100 for video camera. I don't have a video. If you are planning to spend the day please carry food and water as nothing much is available there. You can get tea coffee and buiscuits. Please don't trust the mineral water you get in the local shop.
Buy lots of water from the city.

Boating is not allowed as I did not see any boats there

Vedanthangal is around 80 KM from Chennai -You turn right after 5 KMs on the Chenglepet Trichy highway. 20 KMs from the highway you reach Vedanthangal, good road. You'll enjoy the drive. Or you take a bus from Chenglepet. There is a regular bus service.

Daylight Again
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