Saturday, February 04, 2006,6:53 PM

Males usually display their flying skills to impress the females, we do the same, You should see the headless college boys of my city Chennai, riding motor bikes in front of girl's colleges making a fool of themselves.

These birds can always go sit beside the female and talk to them sing a song and say I love you. or offer a diamond ring. No .. they HAVE to inpress them.

The female says I am not interested in the fish you brought for me, let me see your skill, show me what you can do. And the males go bonkers.

Instead of slowly landing on the branch of the tree, they make a circular low level flight at full throttle for no apparent reason like stupid college boys. ( This is my observation, I may be wrong) But its a treat to watch. Each time I found myself gasping a wow.

You can see the same style in skiing. Here the feet are streched straight when flying full speed. They bend down like a concord while landing.

Please don't forget to carry binoculars, but here at Vedanthangal you don't need binoculars to enjoy this flight displays. Spectacular it is, at a very close range.

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