Thursday, February 09, 2006,6:51 PM
Painted Stork, Mycteria leucocephala

These details are furnished by Suresh

The Painted Stork, Mycteria leucocephala. is a tropical species which breeds in Asia from India and Sri Lanka to southeast Asia. It is a resident breeder in lowland wetlands with trees. The large stick nest is built in a forest tree, and 2-5 eggs is a typical clutch.

The Painted Stork is a broad winged soaring bird. Like all storks, it flies with its neck outstretched. The adult is a large bird, 95-100cm tall, mainly white with black flight feathers. The head is red, and the long downcurved bill is yellow. The tail and legs are pink, and there is dark barring on the breast. Juvenile birds are a duller version of the adult, generally browner and lacking the bright colours of the adult.

The Painted Stork walks slowly and steadily in shallow waters or adjacent wet grassland seeking its prey, which, like that of most of its relatives, includes fish, frogs and large insects. It sweeps its head from side to side with its bill half open in water as it hunts for fish.

Where did the whole business of the stork delivering babies come from? To avoid the details of conception and childbirth, Scandinavian mothers used to tell their children that the stork delivered babies. The stork was a natural choice for the Scandinavians. Many houses had storks' nests on them, which gave the story credibility in children's eyes. Further adding to the appeal of the stork, is the bird's fidelity. Not only do storks return year after year to the same nests, but they are monogamous too. Storks also take care of their elderly or sick parents, an added benefit for parents trying to develop similar traits in their children.

Please scroll down for more pictures in following posts, Flight displays, Nest building, Take off, Speed, landing. and in Daylight Again Design, Bolshoi theatre posts

Hello ! What you doin there, why are you depressed ?

Life sucks, really sucks

No, it doesn't, Its a beautiful day. Lets go impress the guy with the camera. Lets go pose for him.

What do we get out of that, Do we get an Oscar ?

Hey man! just for kicks. Some thrills thats all. We have nothing better to do anyway.

Yea I flew past him but he didn't take my picture.

Perhaps you were too fast for him. Do a slow jig.

We perform mid summer nights dream instead ?

good idea.

Daylight Again

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  • 8:28 PM, Blogger e2d

    Scene II-Act I
    The young couple in love--Lysander and Hermia (is it?) plan to elope!!
    My own vers of Mid summer nights dream.

  • 1:35 AM, Blogger Crescendo

    Very nice shots !

  • 7:42 AM, Blogger Rauf

    What a name Hippolyta ?? I called my cousin (Lit Major) Hippolyta, and she complained to mom and got thrashed. Hermia's dad wants her to marry demitrius ? forgot, 45 years now e2d, I was the goofy puck of the class and I still continue to be a puck, i have written abt my goof in some old blog, don't even remember the title.' The chosen one' I think.
    my life is goofs and only goofs e2d

  • 12:05 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Thank you crescendo

  • 1:18 PM, Blogger e2d

    Ok rauf--if its any relief--I relate well to goofy people.lol!
    Anyway--u r right about the names--pretty weird.Also me no English lit major or anything...did some checking on MSNDream and just picked on this couple in love...and substituted them for the painted storks.goofy right?:)

  • 10:17 PM, Blogger wildpic

    rauf, have posted this on pattys horse post "Hungry? Grab A..."

    domestic animals have been bred (over thousands of years, possibly 10,000 years in the case of dogs(from wolf). the following animals meet the definition of domestic :

    dog, cat, sheep, goat, cattle, pig, donkey, horse, camel, llama, alpaca, ferret, guinea pig, rabbit (one species), chicken, turkey

    a few other species of animals have also been domesticated, but all of the above were domesticated by at least 3000-4000 years ago. a lot of effort has been taken to domesticate animals like foxes, raccoons etc but largely lack the basic personality characteristics to become good domestic animals.

    david if you consider dolphins, seals(mammals)etc, they dont fit the definition, which is ... "a domestic animal (or plant for that matter) is one whose breeding is largely controlled by humans. evolution of a domesticated species therefore results mainly from artificial selection, with natural selection playing only a subsidiary role. the process of domestication implies the separation (partial or complete) of a breeding stock from its wild forebears."


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