Monday, March 13, 2006,2:17 AM

OOOWAA, spoonbill ? does the bill look like a spoon ? Looks like a spatula I think. Clak Clak !! Stays mostly close to shallow water Big fellow, may not be as big as painted or openbill stork. Don't know anything else. Please click to enlarge, see the texture on the bill.

Like painted and openbill storks they too are not very good architects. Pretty shabby their nests are. they lay 4 to 5 dull white eggs. Thats all I know.

Nancy has dug up some information.
They use their spooned beak by weaving or waving from side to side through the water. Sensitive nerve endings allow the bird to feel when the beak comes in contact with food and it shuts its strainer. They munch on small fish, shellfish, insects, and shrimp and other amphipods..

When flying in flocks, the birds generally form a diagonal line. The head and neck are always outstretched. The wing beat is slow and long. They have been known to feed in both salt and fresh water. Here they are predominantly white, in florida they are pinkish. The bill is highly textured and artistic.
Thank you Nancy.

What a cheap camera you got there !
This is what I can afford Sorry spoonbilly, I said
I am not very happy with your finance minister, I don't like the budget this year, and why George Cloony ? I look more handsome.
I know I know
Sorry again spoonbilly don't know much about finances. I'll ask the Oscar committee and tell you.
Can I have your profile please ?
Click click click ....

Thank you spoonbilly
Just thank you ? Throw me a fish you idiot.
EEEEEEEE ! can't take chances spoonbilly, just saw a crocodile, I don't want to end up as his breakfast.
Do you know how much these fashion models charge for a picture ? and you can't even get me one lousy fish ? How unfair !
I know you are more handsome and elegant than a fashion model spoonbilly, sorry got to go, byeee see you next year.
Daylight Again
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  • 7:15 AM, Anonymous Lord Boo

    Poms, talking about nests, know what, the city is literally being infiltrated by the wild pigeons ( the grey ones ) , and they have become so lazy, thanks to the infrastructure in the city, that they don't even build nests !! they just lay their eggs on the fire roof, or on the ledge, or somewhere, and then just watch them roll over and SPLAT !! and then the female looks at it morosely, and then hops over, lays another bunch of eggs ( this is not the collective term for "eggs" but i guess it could make-do for now, tee hee hee ) and then, she'd be lucky if they manage to hatch over ! so Spoonbilly is quite a hard worker compared to these lazy lumps.

    Loved your pics, and you STILL are a lazy lump of fat for not taking this whole thing seriously ! MWAH !

  • 4:09 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Lazy lump of fat is in my head you silly lord Booeey, not in my body.

    Have seen pigeon nest, right from my childhood have seen sparrows build nest on the roof beam of my house. I just leave them alone. on't know why crows steal palstic clips and all sorts of things and dump them in their nests.

  • 4:10 PM, Blogger Rauf

    UMMMMMMA dee Lord Booey

  • 8:55 AM, Blogger Davo

    Erk, Rauf, you are not allowed to get cynical.. too much of the rest of the world feeds on it.

  • 9:24 AM, Blogger Sangita

    Nice pics.I saw them in Kolkata zoo and was like wow can birds have such a weird beak..Here u come and show them in their natural habitat..Cool

  • 7:41 PM, Blogger Patty

    Pretty photos. Interesting & slightly funny.

    You've left for a week while I've just come home? I'll be eagerly awaiting your return.

  • 9:48 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Hi Davo, yes I do get cynical at times but here its just humour, nothing serious.

  • 9:54 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Sangita, I took my nephew to a local zoo when he was a child, now he's all grown up, have to go there again sometime. Its nearly 20 years now.
    I like taking pictures in a free atmosphere, there are some rules to follow, you need patience which I don't have and a bit of luck and this Lady Luck seems to be pretty allergic to me.

  • 9:59 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Hiyeee Patty, ne waiting for your pictures too. I have quite a lot. all taken with a very disturbed mind. I got sick too, cold fever cough, Its good to be back home. I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed my trip.


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