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My friend Benoi on the far right first informed me about the THEYYAM, Change of plans, I was in Coorg, Dashed in to a bus to Taliserry reached there pretty late in the night, We went stright to the temple.
It was my lucky day as I came to know one of the sweetest of families I have ever known in Kerala, Mr. Sahadevan his brother in law Mr. Sudhakaran and family. They made my stay so comfortable that I felt I was not far away from home. This is the house, Benoi and I stayed on the top floor, a traditional kerala style., they have a very beautiful garden, Thank you for making me feel at home. And thank you Benoi for giving me this memorable oppertunity. I am very sorry for the delay in posting the pictures.

We had puttu and kadalai for breakfast, The brown is wheat puttu and the white one is rice puttu. It is used to be steam cooked in bamboo, now you have puttu cookers. Extremely delicious. thank you thank you all.

The rest is what I had on the way, a typical rice meal, Hot boiled red rice, more kolumbu, sambaar poriyal, jaggery payasam applam and curd. In kerala you get warm jeeraga vallam every where, I ask for it always. jeeraga vallam is water boiled with zeera, or jeera, cumin seeds ? please correct me. It will be yellowish in colour, now you get a glass of jeeraga vallam in fancy pink.

This is Adai , a kerala delicacy, sweet, steam cooked or baked in banana leaves ? don know I know how to eat. Don't eat the banana leaf, coconut banana and some dhal inside its very very yummmy, you will not stop with one. No oil, perfect.

This is pzham pori, I keep eating this all the time, fried banana, some times when you are lucky you may find stuffed pazham pori with coconut jaggery. pretty oily but very very tempting. You can't resist.
Daylight Again
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  • 10:36 AM, Blogger Imemine

    The food looks good and yummy. I can't resist it. It makes me hungry again.

  • 5:46 PM, Blogger Rauf

    You are safe if you stick to non oily food imemine. Each one of us has his or her own ideas about how to lead a healty life. So its difficult to lay down rules. What agrees with me may not agree with you. When you are traveling its better not to experiment with food.
    I take my chances because I know I am not very far from home. Its pretty safe in Kerala.

  • 11:37 PM, Blogger Sangita

    That house looks soo cool..I am sure u wld have enjoyed your stay there.and looks like must be cooler inside thsoe home.I am so jealous..Adai looks so similar to momo's here though they have no coconut n them :-)

  • 1:30 AM, Blogger Rauf

    You don't need a fan in summer in traditional Kerala houses Sangita.
    I'll stop in Cal on my way to Sikkim and ask for momo. Never tasted it.

  • 3:42 AM, Blogger e2d

    You just broke my heart Rauf.There is only so much emotion a person can take in.Think I reached my limit with these pictures--and now my heart is expanded,exploded and its a bloody mess here!lol!
    Ok..I know that was a bit dramatic( u see I just finished seeing a sooper ,front row,whistle, throw popcorns and dance types tamil movie).Anyway ..seriously the pics are awesome ,which definitely is an understatement and I have decided to re-discover(actually just discover-never done it before)my State.A road trip maybe.Isnt that what u suggested? I can see you nodding yr head.But right now..this moment ..will give anything for some puttu-kadala(and pappadam)

    (PS: Just out of curiosity--does yr display image mean/represnt anything--or is it just a design?And did you say trip to Sikkim??just for yr information-I can carry bags,cook,clean,cant sing,can shut up and pretend to be invisible.)

  • 5:20 AM, Blogger Rauf

    The design doesn't mean anything Chumma did it for fun. I am a pranda manshan remember ?

    If you travel with me e2dees, you'll look for an oppertunity to push me off a cliff, I keep running and make you run with no sleep no food, I sleep in Railway platforms bus stations, i have lived in the caves. I sleep standing in trains buses with no elbow room.

    Aiyoo ! I have seen people throwning money on the screen (coins) Yes I am nodding my coconut. Road trip is terrific, I took pictures for 'God's own country campaign, many were made into posters, The agency guy who was with me almost committed suicide, as I made his life so miserable by stopping the car every ten minutes and taking pictures, Kollam alapuzha alapuzha - kottayam by boat jetty.
    There were ants in my camera bag as I always carry, jaggery coated banana fryums, chekka fries, avalose unda and lots of stuff that I keep munching. I carry balack halwa only when I am heading home. Have to go Kottayam Kothamangalam again next week, and a Guruvayur wedding in May, (I am the cupid) another wedding in june last one by the end of july.

  • 5:54 AM, Blogger Rauf

    owee forgot tapioca chips e2dees.

  • 1:32 PM, Anonymous e2d

    Holy Cow!! you took pics for the Gods own Country campaign!!(this is the KTDC project right?)
    If thats the one I remember it being extremely popular.*awe and admirations*.
    My sympathies to the agency guy--but what did he expect--just drive by when u click pics from a moving vehicle.
    And ..no I dont remb u saying u are a "prandan manushyan" but I do remb a "confused renegade".lol
    Anyway.. if thats the kind of stuff you carry in your camera bag then I am tempted to put in a stronger application for Sikkim.(naturally I shall carry the bag for you..and then u just have to snap yr fingers and say--"camera"--and it will appear in yr hand.I promise efficiency and invisibility.lol!
    (PS: just kidding alright...I am not trying to put u in a spot or anything).

  • 4:18 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Nosee e2dees, I diddee not take all the pictures, I took part of them vonly,

  • 4:44 PM, Blogger Rauf

    All my friends are pissed with me bikkaas I suddenly get up and run, I meens the moment I get some money I run. I need very littal money actually. They complain that I don't tell them before I go some place, you can't be sleeping on the Rly platforms e2dees, one chokree came from germany 2004, sweet thing she was, to learn what ever little I know, Took her to Kerala, found her she was more Indian than us indians. , she never had any contempt for all the garbage filth, she seemed to be pretty comfortable with it, though she comes from the cleanest place in the world.
    She had no problems with indian toilets.,

    apart from what you wrote in your blog e2dees let us wish India shines with cleaner roads and toilets

  • 7:20 AM, Blogger Patty

    What sweet kind beautiful people! And yummy food. :)

  • 9:31 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Yes Its a sweet family Patty.

    Food in kerala is mostly cooked in coconut oil, perhaps it contains less fat. and most of the kerala dishes are not very spicy. Food language culture changes every hundred miles.

  • 8:38 PM, Blogger emptyquarter

    Raufji, Far way from my home. I feel soooooooooooo goooooooooddddddddddd to see the pictures of these yummy foods. Keep them coming, loads of them. Good luck with your trips.


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