Wednesday, September 13, 2006,3:56 AM
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These are a few of the most romantic railway stations you'll find in between Sencottai and Punalur. I am posting the pictures of the breath taking journey in daylight Again.
Some Journey !!

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Please believe me, this IS a railway station. There is no platform, good idea, not having a platform, the train stops here for one minute.

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I do not know the names of all the railway stations, there aren't many, I was too busy enjoying the ride.

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The ride is full of life, Quilon - Tirunelveli train is always crowded. You can avoid that and take a train which starts from Sencottai, which runs almost empty. But I was in this crowded train.

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Next time I'll try to spend time at each station. These are all villages, there would be no place to stay.

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There are places to stay here at Thenmala. I have written about my last visit a few months ago.

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This is the Station master. He forgot to wave the green flag when he saw me taking a picture. Stood in attention, posing for me. Is it over Sir ? I said yes thank you. Railway staff could be a pain sometimes, they have the power to confiscate your camera.

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It started to rain again, i was sitting by the door

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This is where the journey began. Punalur Railway station. It rained here too.
Daylight Again
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  • 9:07 AM, Anonymous ruth

    All so breath-taking, especially in your new format. The last photo is a mesmerizing study in light. I've always loved trains, and these photos give me a vicarious journey. Thank you.

  • 10:59 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance Ruth, I kept tinkering with the template. Changed it again as the colours were too saturated, wanted to tone them down.

    Train travel is pretty comfortable in south India and a nightmare up north, but more fun. Not a dull moment. I have seen people cooking in the trains, they carry kerosene stoves. It is forbidden though, but who cares. Less accidents in south and most of the trains run on time. Trains are sometimes 24 hours late up north.

  • 11:34 AM, Blogger kathy

    Thanks for taking me on your journey. It's beautiful in India. lots of green trees and plants. I also enjoyed seeing a picture of you! your face is lovely and kind just as i imagined your face would look. :) (((Big Hug)))

  • 3:46 AM, Anonymous ruth

    The template colors are very nice. They let your photos jump out.

    Now what do you suppose the reason for the train differences between north and south are due to? I suppose your different states are like different countries in some ways.

    I can't believe people cook on the train! That is amazing. Must be the trains are too crowded for the conductor to investigate the smells, ehe? "What's that, I smell curry! Where is it?? I can't get there. . . oh well."

  • 6:19 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Thanks Kathy, That is a sweet compliment. I

    Since India has millions like me, train travel is still affordable if I do not demand too much comfort. I am very comfortable with crowd but very uncomfortable with crowds going to places of pilgrimage.
    Lots of love and hugs from me too Kathy

  • 6:25 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Mostly carelessness Ruth. People are more duty conscious in south. Bit of a contrast actually. North Indians are more enterprising and better business people and you find abundance of highly skilled labour. Such places demand efficiency in public transport, but it is absent.

  • 8:07 AM, Blogger Sangita

    whatever tempalte u choose it comes out so pretty and when i go thru the collection it is like I like none :-( and train stations always are soo enticing as if they have lods of things to say only is someone cld be there to hearit try to find it..Ur journeys transport me to another world itself.And yeahhh exploring the station is quite a good idea

  • 10:52 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Nosee Sangita, this is not ready made, I designed this and daylight again template.
    I don't have html knowledge, I took one template from some panasmontata and changed everything redesigned the whole thing., many goofs on the way, had a couple of experimental blogs worked on them, finally transfered the design to daylight again and blunt knife.

  • 3:39 AM, Blogger Suji

    Next time you go there and you want a place to stay at a place called Avaneeswaram, contact me. :)

  • 6:49 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Thats very sweet of you Suji, I definitely will, thank you so much. I'll locate Punalur - Kollam pictures and post them here in a day or two.

  • 2:10 AM, Blogger Patty

    Rauf, love the top tree image and the words going along with it!!!

    also love these set of images!

    i liked the story of the station master forgetting to wave the flags. :)

    are those 2 guys holding each other in the 6th photo? just friends or more i wonder.....and what is the man selling? pink cotton candy?

  • 12:28 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Must be friends or brothers Patty.
    Yes It is cotton candy. Lot of othere things on sale in the train, toys, ready made clothes, eats. Chaotic but lot of fun. Depends on our attitude. I will not enjoy the journey if I hate the crowd.

  • 4:29 AM, Blogger Sangita

    Rauf:So nice of u to do this :-).Will give u lyrics soon..My net is down as usual..This design is very similar to color in what I have..I want one cool(means light bluish water or say bluish clouds color) kindaa ..Not the thundering clouds one but the serene cloud..Am I able to explain..Me going to Delhi this Sunday for my cousin sil(sis in law's) engagment might not be very fast with replying..So please bear with me

  • 4:46 AM, Blogger Rauf

    vokkay I'll do that, Please check in Delhi, have a nice time Sangita

  • 8:50 PM, Blogger Chimera

    wow wow , what a wonderful blog.
    You have captured the essence of our Indian Railways so beautifully,while most of the time I keep thinking that our stations and trains are dirty and stink a good deal, there is also something very romantic about them - looking out from the window and trying to make up stories about what we see ; reminds me of Ruskin Bond's 'The Train stops at Shamili'

  • 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    r u an indian rauf, curious. i 2 love 2 make this trip, do that often, jostling with the crowds. never tell my people as they may look down upon me. values.

    and, hold ur breath, it is my home country. yes, but not all that lovely as it used to be when as a child i used to float around in this mystical greenery. (to realise what it all meant I had to live in Rajastan for three years ! the ones there in the picture are absolutely unaware of the scene, many are infact damaging the beuty all over !!)

    i just took out some pics of yours, great.

    have a look at our company site www.balcogroup.com

    welcome again and do get in touch


  • 4:00 AM, Anonymous sheh5

    Simply great am a native of punalur and ur pics brings nostalgic memories to me as am working abroad...well done rauf..well done



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