Thursday, June 22, 2006,2:39 PM

Hi ! Pleased to make your acquaintance sir !
I am weird but not that weird to extend my hand of friendship. Please don't think I was this close. I was in a boat, sitting not standing like always and at a pretty safe distance.

I waited for some action. I am just a skeleton, it was not interested in me. I mean I waited for it to move, turn its head or something, waited for five minutes, no movement, not even a wink.

Just as we turned, I heard a splash, My eyes were fixed on my boatman Murugan, he did not panic so I did not panic. I couldn't see where it was going, had to turn 180 to see. It was moving away.

They swim very fast, they can float, stay on water motionless, strange for its bulk.
If any guru or a swamiji claims to walk on water he must be a crocodile's son
these pictures were taken at two different times, on my next visit, my boatman was Lokesh, my friend. He said there's plenty of fish, they get good food and they don't bother any one. No cases of any attack on humans.

I was reading some book where the guy shoots a crocodile, no harm the bullet doesn't peneterate, don't know if its true don't know how thick the skin is.

This chap too was very lazy, hardly any movement. As I was clicking I heard the birds fight, posted in daylight again.

Daylight Again
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  • 11:11 PM, Blogger ari4u

    whooaaaaa.... i'd be scared to even take pics. Crocs are known to be thick skinned, heartless and really quick. Florida is known for aligators lurking everywhere and a lot of people disappear while jogging or taking a casual walk outside. Their bodies are found a couple of days later mutilated. I wouldnt go live there....

  • 11:16 AM, Anonymous e2d

    Oh wow!! Look at its face!! Sccccary!

  • 4:03 PM, Blogger ari4u

    yeah, i was wondering if they ever need to visit a dentist...

  • 9:34 AM, Blogger Imemine

    This guy is not a vegetarian. But he's probably more enlightened than we are.

  • 5:26 PM, Blogger Patty

    I used to always love watching, The Crocodile Hunter. I don't hardly ever watch tv anymore though, but that show with Steve Irwin was pretty cool in educating about crocs & other animals.

    lovely(& scary) images. wouldn't want to be this close(even if at a safe distance), unless i was at a zoo.

    like ari4u said about people in Florida disappearing while on a walk or jog...that's kind of like mountain bikers & other people(& even pets & animals) disappearing from being attcked by mountain lions. i read about mountain lion attacks in Reader's Digest a long time ago. Those articles scared me.

  • 7:43 AM, Blogger Ruth

    You are brave, Rauf. Much braver than I. How many people in the world have taken photos of crocs??

  • 12:45 PM, Blogger ari4u

    patty, Where i live, mountain lion attacks are very common. Though you dont hear about them as much as you hear about alligators in Florida. Yeah, rauf is brave.... I must say.

  • 11:43 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Aamir, no cases of any attack here, I found them always sleeping but it seems they grab anything in water. I rely on the boatman's information. No panic. Its scary though. I did nothing to attract their attention.

  • 11:46 PM, Blogger Rauf

    You can say Hi to them e2dees. I don't say they are not scary, they may be well fed as the river has plenty of fish, they change their attitude when they are hungry. You can never trust them. They gave me shivers, the birds seem to accept their presence and they are not scared, I'll post some more pictures of them with the birds on a rock
    Missing your posts e2dees.

  • 11:55 PM, Blogger Rauf

    Imemine, I would love to see a croc taking a class, what you say is right, they look like they are meditating. They stay still on the surface of water for hours without moving.

  • 12:07 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Patty, there are experts, they study their attitude, their behaviour pattern is not steady. I have very little knowledge on crocs. Sitting here in my room now I am scared, the very thought gives me shivers. I committed a grave blunder last time and my boatman Lokesh did not know that I was carrying food stuff in my bag I took it out and offered some banana chips and biscuits(cookies) to the boatman. He quickly rowed the boat away from the croc and said please don't carry food stuff in future. We ate in the middle of the river anyway. that was my ignorance.

  • 12:12 AM, Blogger Rauf

    I was scared Ruth, I am not brave, I did not take any chances, I was at a safe distance. I carried food stuff in my bag that was a blunder out of my ignorance, they can smell it from a distance. I keep learning. No cases of any attack on boats otherwise no boatan would dare take his boat near a croc.

  • 12:23 AM, Blogger Rauf

    Aamir, you can't take chances with a croc, I am not brave, only experts go near them. I would love to interview a croc Aamir
    What kind of food you like sir ?
    I take only organic food
    Any preferences ?
    Oh yes, I hate beards, it spoils the taste, My ideal lunch is a clean shaven PhD in nuclear physics, preferably wearing cottons, I hate those who wear synthetic clothes, bad for my digestion. I don't eat cameras, I have to spit them out.

  • 12:38 AM, Blogger ari4u

    hahahah... you are hillarious. i love your narrations. You add life and animation to every still life you describe. Good to see you back! Take rest, eat well, sleep tight, will wait for your pics. No hurries :)
    Again, good to see you back, we missed you...

  • 12:08 PM, Anonymous Lord Boo

    hahah, funny interview with the croc. Crocs remind me of an old Hindi movie with Rekha which was a hit; dunno if you know what i'm talking about Poms; they say, Crocs can run at a speed of 40kms an hour; can you believe that ? they can actually move their body mass at that speed ! so please watch out and please be careful *hugs*

  • 5:25 PM, Blogger Rauf

    More crocs for you boo, I am always at a safe distance, no taking chances with them. which film is dat ? me not good at films. You are just bones crocs may not be interested in you but Rekha would be a yummy breakfast.
    ummmmas and huggs reee

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