Thursday, July 13, 2006,9:37 PM

Wait a minute, I am not close I am 20 feet away in a boat. this is 400mm lens. pretty safe distance. And I was not relaxed. I am not all that crazy to say Hi to him and ask for a portrait session. My mouth is shut and the camera in a silent mode.

He kept his mouth open, he looked like he is in meditation.
Sometimes I stand up in the boat. This time I was firmly sitting.

Boat man Lokesh and I were talking in sign language.
He said don't stand up.
so I no stand up Sir
not a good idea.

Waited there for ten minutes no action. I took out a packet of banana chips and biscuits.
what a dumb and ghastly idea.
Boatman lokesh quickly rowed away
What ignorance ! How little I know.

He said the smell will attract the croc. We moved away and had a party in the boat. Sweet chap he is. His attitude was so cool. He did not insult me for my ignorance.

Ah ! then I saw some movement. see how the croc is quietly slipping in to water.

He disappeared in less than a couple of seconds and we quickly rowed away. I kept looking but I am not trained to look for crocks in water.

This is a different chapee I think. slowly quietly creeping up the rock full of painted stork chicks.

I got excited, Ii was expecting some action

WHAT ? No action ? no one is even looking at him, all the birds are relaxed. One chapee is going on a stroll . Very strange. I thought they all would fly away. Perhaps they have learnt to live in harmony.
Harmony with a crocodile ?
Well! every thing is possible
why not ?

Well ! he managed to draw one bird's attention ! Tough looking chapee you are ! look at his skin ! WOW. I appreciate I really appreciate your skin buddy.
Can you fly ?
Daylight Again
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