Wednesday, December 28, 2005,9:52 PM
How to shoot paintings

This is not for professionals.

This framed picture is taken with my niece's 6600 camera phone.
8 am, direct sunlight. a bit too early as my niece had to leave for work, I was surprised with the result, its pretty good. Picture was taken in 1980 Darjeeling. I still remember her name, Rita sweet girl she was.
9 to 10 am would be perfect.

please place your paintings on the floor. I took the picture to the terrace. your position is opposite the sun, I mean you are facing the sun, even if you bend, your shadow will not fall on the painting. Your toes are a couple of inches away from the painting. Place the camera right above the painting. Please check the edges, and see that the frame is straight. In the above picture the frame is not straight. Now please move the camera back and forth till you fill your camera frame with the painting. If you move little above you'll get your toes in the frame, avoid the toes and click.
Direct straight flash kills the texture.
Morning sun brings out the texture well and so is evening sun.

This is for your own paintings and not for the paintings on the wall or the gallery.
Paintings or artifacts in the gallery have to be shot with the existing light without flash. Please take permission first. Your camera could be confiscated.
This picture is taken with a 4MP olympus.

Daylight Again
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