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na na na they are not singing any duet
Well, this is a place where movie song sequence is shot.  Hero and his leading lady run around jump in to the water and sing duests changing colourful costumes every ten seconds. But this is not a film shooting.  Looks like the chapee wearing pink shirt is actually proposing to his lady dressed in black burqua

ah ! its been a while
more than a year since i last posted


Sujith warned him that the place is slippery, i slipped and nearly fell there. This place is somewhere near Mysore, have to ask Sujith or Ramesh

Is he down on his knees ??
just like filmi Hero
we are so influenced by our movies
the girl perhaps says that she's got a head ache ?
why don't you come and meet my dad ??
Marry me or i splash water on you
i do not know the ending of the story
hope its a happy ending

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  • 2:16 PM, Anonymous Cuckoo

    I liked the filmi style story very much. And the place is heaven !

    Let me know the place once you know.

  • 3:09 PM, Blogger Hayden

    Lovely pics as always. It's nice to be back.... for a long time I couldn't visit using Firefox or Safari, so gave up.

  • 9:04 PM, Blogger Sandy

    Great scenario...and photos!

  • 3:23 AM, Blogger Ruth

    Don't know how I missed this post a month ago. I would be afraid to go on those slippery rocks.

  • 11:43 AM, Blogger Alicia M B Ballard

    there is definitely romance in the air

  • 7:32 AM, Blogger A Lady's Life

    Very nice pics.
    Love them!!

  • 8:19 PM, Blogger mystic rose

    My guess is they are already married, and this is their honeymoon. :)


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